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Social commitment

Education and economy


Good education and a strong economy are among the most important foundations of an intact and sustainable society. We would like to contribute to this and are therefore involved in various areas. We have our own day care centre projects, various school and university commitments and support business development in our home region.

Education and economy



 The word “family” is deeply rooted in our company name. So it’s not surprising that Ernsting’s family has been sponsoring a family day care centre in Coesfeld-Lette since 2002. Since 2018, the day care centre has been located in a modern new building on our campus in Coesfeld-Lette. It allows working people to return to work quickly and is perfectly adapted to the requirements of our modern working world with its generous opening hours and needs-based drop-off and pick-up times. It’s open to both our employees’ children and children of non-employees. We also help mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be to prepare for this new chapter in their lives with structured discussions on further career planning. And they can be sure that their youngest children are well taken care of. The “Lillyfee” family day care centre on the head office site in Coesfeld-Lette currently has enough space for up to 35 children.

Education and economy



The Ernsting’s family Daycare Center in Tirupur, southern India, was opened in February 2020. At the start, around 30 girls and boys aged 2 to 6 years will initially be accommodated in the day care centre there. Four Franciscan nuns are responsible for looking after the children. The centre offers parents working in textile production in the industrial city permanent and professional childcare so that they can work, secure their livelihood and thus shape their own lives. The goal is to be able to accommodate up to 50 children at the day care centre in future. In addition to the colourful rooms, lovingly designed by a local painter, the children have an outside playground where they can let off steam.

Education and economy



Singing makes children happy and smart. Unfortunately, many primary schools lack musically trained teachers. This is why we support primary schools all over Germany and Austria with the “Kid’s Choir” project. The aim of the project is to set up school pop choirs that make music once a week with a songwriter. In each funding period, we send professional singer-songwriters to rehearse with children at 20 primary schools in total. At the end of the school year, there is a big concert and the choirs record a song in a recording studio together with their choir directors. This is turned into CD which is then included in the Ernsting’s family songbook. The second edition of our songbook, which featured twelve selected songs by our Kid’s Choirs, was released in 2021.

Education and economy



Ernsting’s family is an official partner for various schools in Coesfeld. One of the main goals of these partnerships is to support pupils in their choice of further study or future career and to provide them with guidance. We have committed to implementing clearly defined measures as part of the CCI “School-Business Partnership” project. These measures include job application training, student and teacher internships, taster days and project-based teaching, to name just a few. As CCI training ambassadors, our junior staff members provide students with honest insights into their professions and share extensive information about training. Through donations of discarded hardware and financial contributions, in recent years we have helped equip schools with essential technology for their computer science courses.

Education and economy



Stiftungsprofessuren sind ein Paradebeispiel für erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit von Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft. Durch sie erhalten die Hochschulen den finanziellen Freiraum, auf Trends und Innovationen in Forschung und Lehre reagieren zu können. Die Unternehmen können idealerweise hoch qualifizierte Studierende frühzeitig an sich binden und wichtige Erkenntnisse aus der wissenschaftlichen Arbeit ziehen. Ernsting’s family arbeitet auf diesem Gebiet mit der Fernuniversität Hagen sowie der FH Münster zusammen. An der Fernuni Hagen beschäftigt sich die Professur mit umfassenden Themen der Mikrosoziologie. Hierunter fallen die Soziologie privater Lebensformen, Bildungssoziologie, aber auch beispielsweise Reproduktionstechnologien. Die FH Münster unterstützen wir mit der Ernsting’s family Marketing & Fashion Retail Stiftungsprofessur. Diese erforscht aktuelle Themen und zukunftsrelevante Entwicklungen aus unterschiedlichen wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Bereichen mit Bezug zu Mode und Handel.

Education and economy



At Ernsting's family, we have felt deeply rooted in Münsterland and our home region, the Coesfeld district, for over five decades. More than 1,000 employees work at our head office and the associated sales centre in Coesfeld-Lette alone. As one of the largest employers in the region, we naturally want to do our bit to maintain Coesfeld’s position as an attractive business location and ensure that it remains interesting for employees, employers, companies and investors. The Coesfeld business development agency (Wirtschaftsförderung Coesfeld or WFC) helps new companies to establish themselves and develop in the region and also acts as an advisory centre for continued vocational training. That is why we are happy to support them with an annual funding contribution.